Air Purifying Indoor Plants in Chennai

Best Plants for Air Purification in Chennai

We are the main company in Chennai in the field of Air Purifying Indoor Plants. We have a wide variety of products that suit your needs.

We BMA Nursery and Gardens is an outstanding organization, promised Air Purifying Indoor Plants, Gardening Services, Nursery Services, Potting Soil etc. These administrations are hugely respected in the market for their top highlights, for example, moderate evaluating, unwavering quality, stringent investigation, convenient fruition and adaptability.

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The Best Air-Purifying Plants for Your Home

Air purifying plants remove more than 50% of indoor air pollutants over time allowing your family to breathe fresher cleaner air to lead a healthy life. Ugaoo has the widest range of air purifier plants. Some of our air purifying indoor plants or as they are popularly called, air purifier plants indoor, even clean air at night. Explore our complete range of air purifier plants for home.

There are many air purifying plants that can give you clean air, at least inside your abode. Here are a few popular air purifying plants that can detoxify the air in your house and help you breathe in cleaner air. .

Aloe vera

This is a popular plant known for its medicinal value and is dubbed as the ‘plant of immortality’ by the Egyptians. It discharges oxygen at night, helps to treat insomnia, and improves overall sleep quality.

Snake plant

Termed as ‘mother-in-law’s tongue,’ the snake plants emit oxygen in the night, and simultaneously take in carbon dioxide from the air inside your house, something we naturally produce while breathing. It also filters nasty common household toxins from the air.

Peace Lily

This is one of the few houseplants, also known as closet plants, that blooms indoors with its seashell-shaped spathes. It can clean and humidify the air. It can neutralize the chemical components present in the air and purify it, especially when we use toxic cleaning products.

Cornstalk dracaena

This is another popular houseplant, also called the corn plant or lemon-lime plant. A good humidifier, the plant also cleans the air of chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde. Water it moderately and allow the soil dry between watering.

Benefits of Air Purifying Plants

Our health is constantly threatened by the air we breathe, whether indoors or outdoors. Studies show that the air inside the average home is much more polluted than the air outside due to limited air flow. The air indoors is contaminated with pollutants and toxins which we inhale and this accumulated toxic air causes dizziness, nausea, headaches, and nose and eye irritation.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants have the following Benefits:

  • Lowers toxic carbon dioxide levels by processing it into oxygen
  • Lessens the levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide
  • Reducing airborne dust levels
  • Keeping air temperatures down

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